When Your Two Passions Merge

I can hardly describe to you the joy in my heart as the Proverbs31 COMPEL book club starts today. Over 400 participants will read Seated with Christ together and receive writing instruction for the month of May. In other words, I get to talk about Jesus and teach writing for four weeks.

I get to talk about Jesus and teach writing for four weeks.

Jesus and teaching writing! My two passions in life! When God allows you to merge your two greatest passions, it brings this beautiful synergy. It’s so life-giving. It’s so kind of Jesus. It’s so fun.

If God merged your two greatest passions, which would those passions be? I laughed with my husband that his dream passion-merging would be if God allowed him to shepherd people through woodworking instruction. I know a man who merges his two greatest passions: the Civil War (in particular the battle at Gettysburg) and leadership training. He uses battleground lessons from Gettysburg to help leaders grow. Maybe, for the month of May, you might pray and dream that God could allow your two passions to merge. What a great, expectant prayer!

For the month of May, I’m bursting with joy that I can talk about Jesus and writing every day.

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