When the Thing You’re Complaining About Is Actually a Source of Blessing

I enjoyed a classic “flair” moment yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to tell you! I’ve been complaining for years about not having central air conditioning in my home. It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s sticky in here. And right around this time of year as May transitions to June, I complain and complain, especially at night.

But something’s changed this year in my attitude and joy regarding this complaint.

And it’s all because of bread. Bread!

(I became a bread maker a year ago when my friend gave me her sour dough potato yeast starter. A bread maker! That’s me!)

In the winter, my bread hardly rose; the cool, dry air wasn’t good for the yeast. I’d let the bread rise overnight only to arrive to the kitchen to feeble little loaves.

Not anymore. As I set my dough into the loaf pans last night, I found myself giddy over the humidity and heat in the kitchen. Even while I wondered if I’d not sleep well, I rejoiced that my dough would rise like never before.

And it did.

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