When the Sun Shines

My solar-powered bird bath requires full sun to operate. Even one little cloud that might obscure the solar panel disrupts the flow of water.

Each morning, I eagerly await the sun. When the sun shines in the morning–and the fountain begins its work–the birds come and fill each bowl with happy splashes as they bathe. It’s adorable and joyful. They dip their heads and wings into the water’s flow, and I love to watch it all. Fluffy robins actually sit in those little bowls as if they’ve made them their own personal hot tubs.

And this morning, I finally see evidence of the sun’s great work in the vegetable garden: little green beans!

I know this: when the sun shines, things grow. When the sun shines, things fill up and overflow to bless others. I think about my time basking in God’s love and letting the light of His truth and wisdom fill my soul. I am a fountain; I am a green bean. And the sun and subsequent growth is never just for me. We enjoy God’s nourishing light in order to feed others and provide places of cool refreshment.

I want nothing to obscure that sun. I want no blocking clouds in my heart. May we flow like joyful fountains and grow heartily like the green bean.


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