When Shining

This morning, the sun rose bright in the sky. It’s the kind of bright sun we haven’t seen in a while here in Pennsylvania. One Italian Mama texts to announce our need for a brisk walk.

Oh, the walk in sunshine! I find myself so thankful for a bright winter day. I love so many things about it:

I love walking in the sunshine when it’s also cold on my face. It’s such a contrast.

I love the feeling of warming up on a walk when you pull off your hat and gloves, unzip your coat, and cool off from the exercise.

I love watching the sun shine through bare trees in winter.

All day, I watch that sun in the sky until it begins its slow descent through the backyard trees.

I realize it won’t always be this way; some days arrive bright and clear while others slug on with a dark, gloomy cloak around everything.

But on this day, the sun came out. We took it in–we felt it and saw it and enjoyed it. Living with flair means we do this feeling and seeing and enjoying each day. When snow comes on a cloudy, grey day, we’ll do the same thing and feel joy, too.

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