When I Showed My Daughters My Middle School Year Book (Warning: Photos)

Since I’m visiting my daughter’s classroom today to talk about what school was like when I grew up, I pull out my old middle school yearbook just for laughs.

Ha ha.

I haven’t changed really.

Yes, I was voted Most Talkative.

Yes, I won a Young Writers award.

Yes, I was dramatic, and here’s proof:

Here I am as Juliet. I had to kiss Romeo. In front of everyone.

Here I am, brooding about beauty and meaning and sorrow. I didn’t smile because I had braces!

Everyone needs to pull out middle school yearbooks. We’ve all been there. Back then, The Cosby Show and Friendship Bracelets ruled the day. The most popular song was “Wild Thing.” Ha!

Do you have your middle school year book? Have you changed much?

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