When Dad Holds “Office Hours” for the Family

With all of us working together at home, it’s been difficult to figure out how to be together while giving one another space. My husband, for example, found that our daughters are constantly interacting with him, asking for help on projects, or needing him to fix something.

He found a clever way to manage all of his work while also giving time for our daughters. He holds “Office Hours” for one hour when everyone can come to him with all of their problems. And he will solve them. He will listen. He will help! In addition to Daddy Office Hours, he pops up from his workspace a few times a day for 10 minute mini-conferences for anyone who needs him. The girls run to ask about this or that or seek advice on this or that math problem or internet issue. It’s funny to see the Office Hours and mini-conferences protocol in action. It’s saved his work day.

I’ve also had to learn to give people space when we are all in the same space. Nobody needs to be available to everyone all the time. We can fully engage at certain designated times, but otherwise, we go about our work. We gather for meals, games, and movies. We abide by the Office Hour rule. And we get through another day.

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