When and Why People Seek Your Input

I often ask my students why people seek their input. The answer often reveals a direction for their careers they haven’t yet considered. The answer uncovers their strongest areas of talent and expertise.

I ask the class: Why do people seek your input? For what service? 

The answers pop in: fitness and nutrition advice, relationship help, therapeutic conversations, financial planning, decision making, building a social media platform, writing, study skills, empathetic listening, party planning, website design, and baking. The list goes on. Sometimes a student will tell the class that everyone wants advice on interior design because of her talent in this area. Maybe she should change her major. Or the student that manages a large investment portfolio might consider taking some finance classes to see where it leads. What about the student who cannot stop offering styling advice to his friends? Could that become a business?

It’s something to think about. Why do people seek you out? For what service?

People seek me out for spiritual encouragement, evangelism training, and writing advice. People seek my husband out for strategic thinking, leadership development, and discipleship. My daughters? I watch how their friends seek them out for advice in certain areas. This might indicate a future calling.

Living with flair means paying attention to how people want you to serve them. It’s a clue, a signpost, and a possible career direction.


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