What You Want, In a Different Form

I know this is one of my most random analogies to follow, but living with flair has always been about finding meaning and beauty in our ordinary days.

And what’s more ordinary than. . . peanut butter? Yes, ever since I’ve been on my weight loss and fitness journey, I haven’t had much peanut butter. It wasn’t worth it; the calories and fat and sugar and unhealthy oils meant a removal of this thing from my life. But then I learned how all these healthy people were eating PB2 (powdered peanut butter) that removed all the things I didn’t want and kept the things I did. The new form brings twice the protein and 85% less fat and calories.

This strange new form–you add water and stir–was so delicious that my family is on peanut butter overload. We’ve made PB2 smoothies, dip, cookies, and African Peanut Stew.

What I gave up was returned to me in the form I needed.

So yes, I thought of God and His merciful work and how, when we turn from things to honor Him and purify ourselves, He often returns them in a different form that’s for our good. Every thing I surrendered in my life has followed this trajectory. Of course, my journey into more maturity has meant learning to recognize these blessings in disguise and these good gifts that don’t seem good at first. (Like powdered peanut butter, I suppose. You have to taste it to believe me.)

The thing I wanted always came in a different form–some distilled essence that captured the true thing I was after anyway. 


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