What You Need to Put Up With This

I’m learning from some great professional development coaching questions from Andi Saitowitz that she provides in a personal development journal called Rise and Shine.

She invites readers to pick something in their life they cannot change. Then, she challenges them to accept this thing and then see that thing as a blessing (hard to do!).

Finally, she asks this great question: What can help me put up with this? 

What can help me put up with this? 

I love this question. It’s empowering. It shifts my internal conversation from complaint and wallowing to forward movement. It might be as simple as a daily chore I don’t want to do. What can help me put up with this? Music. Talking on the phone.

I make a list of things I don’t want to do and things I cannot change and I love the challenge of what I need to help me endure the situation. It might involve a treat, a mindset shift, or changing the environment. It might involve reward.

I’m off to complete some chores and tasks I do not want to do, and I’ll involve all the things I need to help me put up with it.

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