What They Want You To Ask Them About

Today in class, I asked my new favorite Name Game Question: What question do you like people to ask you?

I learn so much. I learn who wants me to ask about what factors make for a good Hip Hop artist, about her fascination with criminals, about his puppy at home, about her love of lyrical dance, about his family, about alternative music, about US history, about being an interfaith person, about her current book obsession, about anything at all because he loves to talk about himself (who doesn’t?), and about website design, about philosophy, and about basketball.

On and on they go. And now I know what to ask when he or she walks in the room.

I tell them to try this question on their first dates, with their roommates, and with their families. There’s something so great about asking this question and moving forward into meaningful, attentive, loving and rewarding conversations.

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