What Panic Shows Me

My friend reminds me today that if I feel panic, I’m out of step with God’s spirit.

The word originates from the Greek god, Pan, thought to be the source of irrational fear.

Panic drives a loss of self-control, a loss of order, and a loss of peace. It signals that I’ve let fear–real or imagined–in somehow.

If I feel panic about anything from finances to friendships, I’ve lost God’s perspective. I remember in Deuteronomy 20:30: “Do not be fainthearted or afraid; do not panic or be terrified. . . “

When I panic, I rush. I manipulate to get what I want. I begin to over-control. 

I’m beginning to realize that much of my parenting stems from panic.

I ask myself what I fear. What is it, really? Am I afraid of a loss of love, a loss of security, a loss of health? What?

When I name it, I can apply the exact remedy from scripture that soothes that fear. Then, I make wise choices and find my emotions lining back up to truth. 

Do not panic. I’ve got this. 

What tends to cause panic? 

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