What Oprah’s Harvard Commencement Speech Taught Me

Yesterday, I read CNN’s article on Oprah’s speech at Harvard University’s 362nd commencement ceremony.

I learned that in all of Oprah’s interviews with famous people from all over the world–presidents, celebrities, businessmen, even criminals–she discovered they all shared one thing in common: they needed validation. 

After interviewing both the famous and the unknown, Oprah reflects, “They ask, ‘Was that OK?’ I’ve heard that from President Bush, I heard that from President Obama, I even heard that from Beyonce in all her Beyonceness. They all want to know one thing: Was that OK? Did you hear me, did you see me, did what I said mean anything to you?”

Was that OK? Was I OK? 

All of us share that need, and today, I remember the profound importance of validation. I hear you. I see you. What you share means everything to me.

You are OK.

(And Oprah concluded her speech by asking the crowd, “Was that OK?”)

If you need validation today, remember you’re not alone.

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