What Changes When You Enter a Room?

I’m loving this new professional development question that helps build self-awareness, confidence, and even conviction in students: What changes when you enter a room?

Some people know that they suck the energy out of a room by negativity, complaining, or attention seeking. Others know they offer little because they refuse to engage or let themselves be known. Others think they bring a judgmental attitude or dogmatic speech.

Do you know people who, when they walk in the room, everyone feels inspired to love more, be more creativity, and even become their true selves? Do you know people who bring energy, insight, or some kind of adventure with them?

I think I bring a bit of lively energy when I enter a room. But sometimes I don’t. I want to attune my heart to what happens when I’m in any environment and whether I add value or harm the community.

I told my teen daughters what I think changes when they enter a room: One brings laughter and sees the humor in anything. Another brings a weighty and much needed focus on important conversations happening in the world. I love the variety!

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