We Meet Jesus as Healer

Sometimes I go back and reread the gospel of Mark because it’s what a woman told me to read first in the Bible when I was in 3rd grade. She explained that it was an easy book for a child to understand. She said I would learn about God in that book. 

So I read it. And I learned that God kept His promise and sent Himself to us. I read on. I realized that Jesus was, perhaps most of all, a Healer. And He is kind and thinks about what people need all the time–whether food, rest, quiet. All this and He heals our true sickness: sin. He forgives sins! 

He heals everything sick in our souls. 

In Mark, Jesus is a storyteller and a wise conversationalist. He’s authoritative but so gentle. He takes people by the hand. He makes sure they are healed all the way, not just in part. He listens to the whole truth of the heart. He puzzles people. He satisfies them. He loves little children so much. He overwhelms people with wonder. He answers questions. He empowers others, especially women. He gives clear directions. 

He’s so amazing in this written account of Mark that my heart is bursting. 

My youngest asks me this morning if Christmas is as special for grown ups because she’s worried that I’m missing the wonder and gifts and surprises. I tell her that it’s more wonderful for me than she can imagine. A Savior has come. He heals everything. I have the Greatest Gift. 

I think about Jesus as Healer from Mark, and Christmas has come to my heart. The gifts and treats and surprises of the season just provide decoration to the beauty already here. 

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