We Lived Easter Every Day

I’m enjoying my role as Keeper of Traditions in the family. At Easter, we have traditions that our family loves. Our favorite tradition is the crying out, “He is risen!” (and then we all cry back, “He is risen indeed!”)

We love Easter; the ham, the special dinner rolls, the hidden Easter baskets with Easter Bunny clues, the dyed eggs, the egg salad, the new church dresses, and the Easter Egg hunts all work together to make this weekend so special. Saturday night, we open our Resurrection Eggs and share Jesus’ journey with Bible verses.

What makes it even more special is that it doesn’t end Monday morning. We live out the resurrection every single day. We remind ourselves of the gospel every morning. Easter is every day. As Keeper of Traditions, that’s something I want to pass on as a mother to my children: We lived Easter every day. 

We lived as those so deeply loved by a magnificent savior who conquered death.
We lived as those full of wonder of a genius creator who provided access to himself through Jesus. 
We lived as those in awe of eternal life that begins in us now because of Jesus. 
We lived as those set free from the power of sin and death.
We lived as those crucified with Christ and living by faith. 
We lived as those filled with the Holy Spirit, doing impossible things. 
We lived Easter every day. 

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