Until the Disaster Has Passed

This morning, I read David’s words in Psalm 57: “Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me, for in you my soul takes refuge. I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed.”

Until the disaster has passed! I note the word “disaster” and consider the COVID-19 world I’m now in. I ask God to teach me to take refuge in the shadow of His wings until the disaster has passed.

It does feel like this–that I’m in a refuge– as I stay in my home, leaving only to walk along the creek. I take refuge in Him as I pray, read my Bible, journal, listen to encouraging sermons, and go about the most simple life I’ve ever had. I begin to record the blessings I take for granted. Breathing. Sleeping well all night. Having enough food for today. And I know I can still take refuge internally even as the Lord may call me out to care for the sick or neighbors in need.

The big news of a simple life is to observe the Northern Cardinals bounce from Weeping Cherry to Winterberry Bush as they pick their spot to build a home. Now, I can see everything. I won’t miss a moment with them. I also work on bringing humor to Zoom calls that might seem boring; I download backgrounds where it will look like Taylor Swift has joined our class or that I’m teaching from atop a coral reef. I can put myself in a forest or in a great library if I want. Such fun!

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