Under Construction for a Few Days

I’m updating my website with the genius help of Moody Publishers. If you don’t receive a blog post for the next few days, it’s because of this process. Sometime next week, the new site will be up and running, and you’ll receive daily blog posts as usual. I’m excited to show you the new look of the site!

Meanwhile (if we miss each other for a few days), here’s what I’m doing to live with flair: collecting acorns, lighting my new nutmeg spice soy candle, praying more, and eating more apples. I’m also savoring some afternoon peach tea with honey, enjoying a new cozy autumn sweater, and taking a few more bubble baths on these increasingly cold nights. I’m practicing gratitude and activities that deliberately slow the pace of life down (things like petting a cat).

I’m also looking for ways to randomly bless others and be helpful to them (even complete strangers). Yesterday, I saw a group of friends struggling to fit everyone in a selfie, so I offered to help these strangers and take as many photos as they wanted. It could have turned into a whole photo shoot based on their excitement to have a photographer taking a picture of their group. They passed their phones to me, and I snapped away. Now, they’ll always have that joyful picture of all of them together in the frame. A small thing, but full of joy,

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