Two Wonderful Things

My daughter buckles her seat belt and turns to me in the minivan. Her team had just lost every single game in the 5th grade volleyball tournament. Every single game.

They did not win one game.

“Mom,” she says slowly. I’m ready for tears. I’m ready for a complete breakdown.

“Mom, I love volleyball. It’s the best game. We need to practice more in the backyard. I just love volleyball!”

I consider how the test of loving an activity is how you respond when you lose, fail, or experience rejection. If you love it, keep on going! We’re smiling as we drive home.

Then, as we pull into the neighborhood, we see a dog being walked by a cat. The dog had an owner who had him on a leash, but the orange cat clearly was the boss as he walked beside the dog. I find out that the cat was named “Honeybun.”

In this world of heartache and loss, there are neighborhoods where children love volleyball even when they lose and where cats named Honeybun walk their dogs.


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