Three Ways to Start Your First Sentence

A friend asked me for my best advice on how to start her writing project. She need actual sentences to try. Maybe you need a template like this to just get you started.

I told her three things that might help, especially for short pieces like social media posts or blogs. These three tips also work for public speaking.

Tip One: Start immediately with the problem you’re going to solve. Begin with this line: I’ve noticed a problem that_______________.

Tip Two: Ask a question: Have you ever felt (or wondered or questioned)_________?

Tip Three: Help us see you. Put our “feet on the ground” by telling us where you are, what you’re doing, and what your environment is like. You might say, “I’m sitting here, drinking hot chocolate in my yellow recliner. It’s snowing outside.” 

Tip Four: Reveal the event that lead to your writing in the first place (like I did above).

Start with the problem. 

Ask a question.

Help us see you.

Reveal the event that prompted the writing. 

Now get writing!

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