Two People Coming Into the Room

I woke up this morning thinking about a quote I read in an AW Tozer book. He discussed certain godly people and said, “Think of Frances Havergal, of whom it was said that when she came into a room, there was a consciousness of two people coming into the room–Frances Havergal and the Holy Spirit.”

(Frances Havergal was the hymn writer of Take My Life and Let It Be as well religious booklets and children’s literature.)

Think of it: When you enter a room, you bring two people: you and Jesus. Think of it: Could someone say of us that when we entered a room, there was a consciousness of Someone Else coming along?

When she came into the room, two people came. 

I thought of the “rooms” I enter: my living room with my family members, my classroom, and my neighborhood. I remember there’s two, and my whole perspective changes.

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