Two Little Lessons

I rush out the door without the keys to my office. My husband agrees to drive home, find my keys, and return them to me. So I pass the time at the coffee shop and then wander aimlessly in the library until he arrives.

(This is a good husband who doesn’t really have time for these kind of tasks. But he does it.)

Meanwhile, I run into a dear friend who I would have never seen otherwise. We have a timely, joyful, encouraging conversation! I’m suddenly so thankful for forgotten keys that force me off the beaten path. I’m suddenly so thankful for delays and odd schedules. I remember the lesson that every delay is God’s way.

Yes, it rhymes just like “Every rejection is God’s protection.” Every delay is God’s way.

Then, once in my office, I notice my little plant has become overgrown on one side, the side facing the sun. I quickly rotate the pot to turn the stunted side towards the sun. Now, we’ll have some balance.

I can’t help but wonder what parts of me need more time in the sun of God’s wisdom and Holy Spirit growth. What parts need a little rotation in my heart to let God develop me there? I might be overgrown in some areas and dark and stunted in others. The plant teaches me so much.

It’s worth thinking about today: God’s delays and turning all the parts of my life towards God’s light.

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