Try, Try Again

I love teaching. I love the challenge of engaging students to make them feel the way I do about verbs and semicolons. I truly want them to come alive in class. So I try everything to create those moments when a student might suddenly, for once, feel curious and excited to write. I try everything I can to make that spark happen. If a lecture doesn’t work, I’ll bring in a video. If a video bores them, I’ll plan a hands-on class activity. If this doesn’t work, I’ll use a better question next time, a better example, a better lesson plan. Too tired? I’ve brought in a coffee cart before. Too lonely? I’ll do a name game every time till you feel like you belong here and that we miss you when you’re not here. Too unsure of why it matters? I’ll bring in every real-world scenario I can to show you why this assignment makes all the difference to your very real life right now.

I try, try again.

It makes me think of how God must feel about bored, detached me. Is He trying to engage me like this? Does He use whatever it takes to get me back to where I’m passionately engaged. I think He must. Maybe that’s why I do what I do like this. It’s because I know a God who does (and did) whatever it takes.

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