Try This at Home: Regularly Compliment Him and Them

As I age (yes, I am aging!), I find that younger wives and moms ask my advice for a happy marriage and home. I did the same thing when I was their age, and now I’m the age of the moms I so helplessly looked to for wisdom. Oh, how time flies!

Here’s my best advice today:

Compliment your family members, especially your husband. Compliment them several times a day. The verb compliment means to verbally praise and admire.

When you’re mad and want to nag, praise and admire instead.
When you want to criticize and point out a fault, praise and admire instead.
When you want to insult, praise and admire instead.
When more than 24 hours have passed without a compliment, find something to praise and admire.

I’m serious! Go find your husband this very moment and praise and admire him for something. If he’s not home, text him. If you’ve been bossing your children around all day, go find them and praise them. Get in the habit of regularly complimenting your family members.

The whole tone of your home and marriage will change, I promise.  The home will feel like a true sanctuary of rest and encouragement where people go to refresh and enjoy being themselves. In homes filled with criticism, complaint, fear of failure, and negativity, nobody wants to come home. Nobody’s thriving there.

A wife and mom can be a source of refreshment, acceptance, praise, and admiration for the weary souls in her care.

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