Treats Along the Way

Today I reminded my daughter that she’s not yet arrived at certain destinations she’s hoping for. It’s a time of patience, of transition to the next thing, and of redefining oneself. I think that young adulthood carries with it so much longing and possibility just over the horizon that you sometimes find yourself in a slump.

But I’ve learned that while I’m waiting for the next thing to happen, I can get caught up in the waiting and hoping that I’m only half-alive. I’m not catching all the beauty around me. I’m not gobbling up the treats left on the path for me by a Good Father who loves me.

I text her about the good treats on the path.

God spreads a table–right here, right now–in the presence of darkness, of enemies, or exhaustion. There’s a treat here to enjoy. Sure, it’s not the main thing you’re after, whether a goal, a relationship, or an endpoint, but it’s the refreshment God’s sends along the way.

And look! There’s always a treat for you somewhere.

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