Treasuring Them

Today I learned how badly I’m doing in expressing love to my family. I’ve been so busy! I’ve been so task oriented. I’ve been so focused on myself. 

When the girls were little, I loved writing little notes to them, leaving chocolates on their pillows, and designing special mystery outings. They were my little treasures.

I thought about those first years of marriage when I would design appetizers to bless Ash. I also wrote love notes and thought about ways I could encourage him all day long. He was my treasure.

And now, almost 17 years in, I forget to show how I treasure them. Instead, family members feel like interruptions to my otherwise busy and so-important day. So I go back to treasuring them and think about new ways to show how important they are to me. I think about something special for dinner, a specific, unique encouragement note for each one, and an invitation to some kind of special event (like we did all those years ago). I tell my friend that today feels like a course correction back towards loving my family.

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