Traveling: My Top 10 Tips

I’m an expert traveler now! For those of you beginning your travel life or for those wanting to prepare for a new season of travel, here are my favorite travel tips:

  • Wear a scarf or sweater for chilly planes.
  • Use a drop of lavender or cinnamon oil on your scarf or sweater to calm you and allow you to enjoy wonderful scents. You’ll use these same scents in your hotel room and on your pillow in the hotel.
  • Carry a ziplock bag with assorted nuts and bags of your favorite tea.
  • Bring a pair of warm socks for a long plane ride and a chilly hotel room.
  • Try, as hard as you can, to never check a bag.
  • Hydrate! Instead of coffee all day long, drink water that you buy once you’ve made it through security.
  • Go ahead and apply for the TSA pre-check option. This will save you so much time.
  • Always bring a book.
  • Use the bathroom before you board the plane.
  • Be cheerful and helpful to those around you in airports. Be on the lookout for folks who might need assistance.

Enjoy your travels!


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