To Have Dominion Over This

I’m reading Genesis 1-2 and considering again the creation mandate of dominion

God grants us dominion over the environment in which He places us. Dominion means to have authority, maintain control of,  to order rightly, and to subdue. Essentially, it’s a ruling mandate. 

But instead of living in the truth of God’s mandate here, and the Holy Spirit’s power that no sin has dominion over us, I often live as if environments (people, food, systems) have dominion over me

But no! I exercise dominion here–in broad forms of order, leadership, and peace–and begin to walk in the truth of it.  

We have dominion. 

I have dominion over this environment and whatever here is out of order. Maybe it’s a small thing like clutter or a large thing like my own disordered interior states. Whatever needs ruling, I have God’s dominion working through me. 

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