To Be Happy That You’re You

Today my youngest turns 10 years old. I’m so happy that she’s her. 

My prayer for her is that she, too, will be happy that’s she is herself. 

I want her to live a life free from comparison. I want her to rejoice in everything unique about her. I want her soul to be anchored so tightly to God that nothing unmoors her, especially the lure of other lives that other girls will live and display in pictures for her to see.

Can you imagine young girls all over the world who wake up so happy to be who God made them to be? I pray against self-criticism, self-hatred, self-doubt. I invite self-acceptance and a reveling in the lavish love of God that allows her to love herself and not doubt how wonderfully made she is.

It has taken me so many years and so many tears to wake up and like myself, to be happy that I’m me.

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