Tip #1: Use Social Media to Help

Sometimes, I find myself wanting to post random things about myself that don’t help other people. Blogging, in this case, becomes more narcissistic, self-promoting, and just a personal account that doesn’t aid humanity in some way. If you’re wondering what you’re doing on social media or how to become a professional blogger, think about this:

Ask whether what you post helps anybody or if it’s just adding to the cacophony of words spinning out here.

When I started blogging, it was to help myself manage my moods; finding that “flair” moment turned the whole day around. Life quickly became full of mystery, wonder, gratitude, and worship.

I invited others to read my blog because it helped them find some joy, too, or at least it gave them a model for how they might turn their bad days around.

Yes, I wanted Live with Flair to model a way of thinking and living, and it helped suffering people. The mission statement for the blog is clear and direct, and that’s sustained this thing over 1,550 posts.

What if you focused your blogging and social media time towards a mission of helping? You might find you experience a breakthrough.

But what kind of help, you ask?

People need timely relationship advice, practical skills, honest biblical reflection on depression or loss, or paradigm shifts you’ve had about living.

Think about using social media to love others well in these ways: encourage them, direct them into God’s love, offer training and insight based on whatever skills you have, and inspire them.

My most successful writing friends tell me that they write because they love the reader. Of course! I teach because I love the student, but in writing, I often forget the love part and focus too much on me.

I’m turning back to you.

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