Till Gleaming

This morning I find myself covered in cat hair. We haven’t brushed our kitties in a while, and I remember the importance of weekly brushing.

Cats shed hair. If you don’t brush them, they get hairballs in their stomachs when they groom themselves. When I bring out the cat brush, the cats run to my lap. They love it when I brush them; they stretch their bodies out and raise their heads in the air with pleasure. They purr and twist in delight. Afterwards, they seem lighter. They gleam.

I think about what’s happening: I’m collecting all the hair they don’t need and what will sicken them if left on them. This grooming process reminds me of a spiritual process I desperately need to invoke. I want to groom well and shed the excess off my life. Even by 8:00 AM, the day feels overburdened, stressed out, and too much.

I stretch out against God’s great lap and let him take the excess. Afterwards, I’m lighter.

I gleam.

What excess do I need to shed today?

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