The Week Ahead: Speaking, Teaching, and Podcast and Radio Interviews

Hello, Friends! I often forget to update all my wonderful readers on the events of my life related to book promotion and speaking engagements, so I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my week ahead. Please keep me in your prayers!

Teaching: I’m teaching Monday, Wednesday, Friday at Penn State for an in-person Honors course in advanced writing and professional development. We have finished our unit on our Professional Portfolios, and now we move into the art of Professional Storytelling. In addition to grading these portfolios, holding class, and lecture preparation, I also hold office hours via Zoom for students to pop in and talk.

Guest Presenting on Writing: I’m thrilled that this Tuesday, I join a ministry of Revive Our Hearts for their True Woman Writer Training. I’ll be speaking on The Psychology of Punctuation: How to Create an Authentic Written Voice. Since it’s via Zoom, I have audience notes and a fun PowerPoint to teach writers easy techniques to immediately improve their writing.

Devotional Sharing: On Tuesday night, I’ll join a coaching call for graduate students to lead a short devotion on Philippians 2.

Podcasting: Tuesday afternoon, I’ll join Meg Walker on the Teach Me About Grace podcast.

Radio: On Wednesday evening, Ashley and I will join Janet Parshall for a live national radio interview (Ashley’s first one!). I have another short radio interview on Thursday morning for a Florida station.

Speaking: Friday evening, I speak for a church in Pennsylvania on Seated with Christ.

I’m excited for the week ahead! Please pray I stay healthy and energized! I pray that you enjoy a wonderful week as well. Thank you for being great friends!

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