The Verb I’m Thinking About

Today a friend I haven’t seen in a while asked me, “So what’s your favorite verb these days?”

I love that I have friends that ask such questions.

And I love that God made me the kind of person who actually has an answer to such questions.

I tell him that I read a sentence with a new verb I’ve never used before and how I’d been thinking about this one sentence all week. It’s when Robert Coleman writes this in The Master Plan of Evangelism:

Jesus proportioned his life to those he wanted to train.


When I read this verb proportioned, I picture a pie chart. I picture Jesus doling out his time and attention to His priorities each day. He doesn’t waste time or give too much attention in the wrong places. He worked, ate, rested, taught, prayed. He moved about His day in a proportioned way.

I wondered if my life’s pie chart of time and attention would represent my key priorities. Even more, do I even know how to define my key priorities?

What great personal development questions:

  1. What are your key priorities?

  2. How will you proportion your life to match the time and attention you want to give to these priorities?


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