The Universal Cure

This morning I read some words from Hannah Whitall Smith that ring true. She notes that yielding, trusting, and obeying God provide a “universal recipe for the cure of all spiritual diseases and difficulties.”

I think about my own lifetime of choosing to surrender to God, of telling God that my life belongs to Him and He therefore can do what He pleases with it, and of living a “crucified life” (Galatians 2:20). What peace comes next! What joy that all will be well!

It also makes life a grand adventure. You’re now following a marvelous God who is taking care of everything.

We might make a daily practice of surrendering our lives each fresh morning. We can picture handing our whole day and all that includes–the family, friendships, work relationships, and tasks ahead of us–to God’s loving and wise care. And now? We relax and let the day peacefully unfold. It’s the famous invitation in Matthew 11:28 to come to Jesus with our weary lives to find His rest. What a different way to live as surrendered to God: the universal cure!

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