The Sweetest

The Candy Explosion Cherry Tomatoes do not disappoint! They are delicious and so sweet. I ordered my seeds from a farm in Michigan through  

I watched the seeds grow by the sunny window all through March, April, and May. I carefully transplanted in late May. And today? The harvest!

Today, I’m thankful for sweet cherry tomatoes. Tomorrow, I’ll pick more! The harvest brings such joy.

When people ask me what habits and rhythms I adopted during the pandemic that shall carry over to a post-pandemic world, I tell them about my vegetable garden. Back then, the garden was everything: I had nothing else to do, so I weeded, planted, mulched, watered, and weeded some more. I oriented my schedule around whatever the garden needed, and I learned the blessing of rainy weather. I designed meals based on whatever the garden offered that evening. When autumn came, I gathered and dried seeds for the coming spring. The COVID summers gave me the blessing of growing fruits and vegetables, and for this I am thankful.

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