The Snow Shoveling Strategy

Our neighbors discuss our snow shoveling strategy. It’s what you do in the winter in Pennsylvania.

Our strategy involves shoveling several times a day during the storm and not waiting till the snow stops falling. Obviously, we debate this. Every neighbor has their own opinion and their own good strategy. We judge not.

But when you try to shovel a foot of snow or more, your arms and back and knees will ache from the weight of the snow. It feels like more work in the end. But when you shovel several times–managing only a few inches of fluffy white snow–it’s no big deal. It’s actually easy.

We shoveled a few inches last night and six inches or so this morning by 7:00 AM. I loved the work of it. I loved returning to the kitchen’s offerings of hot coffee and apple-oatmeal. Now, I’ll shovel again this afternoon. It looks like we have another few inches of soft, beautiful snow.

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