The Simplest and the Greatest

Our Easter was the simplest it’s ever been in my memory. But in its simplicity, it was the greatest one I can remember having. It included prayer and Bible reading, a meal with just my husband and daughters, a church service from our living room couch where we worshipped together, a time on Zoom with my sister’s family and my parents, a time to watch the Sight and Sound production of Jesus, and then a walk to come.

I thought about Jesus all day. I thought about how so many people are coming to know Him as I do because of what COVID-19 has stripped away in their hearts.

I thought about Psalm 22 and how Jesus quoted this psalm from the cross as He was dying. In this psalm, we read, “They cried to you and were saved; in you they trusted and were not disappointed.”

After all these years of knowing Jesus and trusting Him with my life and all that concerns me, I know it was true then and now: We place our hope in Jesus. And just as the followers of Jesus came to the empty tomb with hopes dashed and fears growing, the disappointment dissolved as the risen Lord revealed Himself. And He continues to reveal Himself now.

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