The Shaping. The Lighting.

The creamed spinach was excellent! We gobbled it up! So that recipe makes the recipe binder cut. In other news, I’m glad to report I’ve encouraged my potted plum tree to arrive at the perfect shape. It’s adorable!

Now, I’ll insulate the pot (to protect the roots from too much cold) and let the tree enjoy winter on the porch; it must meet its chilling requirement before blooming next spring. One might think it needs the warmth of an indoor spot, but no. It must chill. I remember we all have our own chilling requirement.  (PS: A fruit tree in Pennsylvania needs approximately 1,000 hours of cold-weather rest before bear

ing fruit. Some of you needed to hear that. Go rest. Go chill. Take 1,000 hours.)

Along with the other two plum trees growing in the backyard, this potted plum will hopefully bear fruit next year. What have I learned? A gardener prunes and cuts to get the right shape. I think about the shape of my own life and how we can thank God for the way we’re growing. We can thank Him for what life looks like. He knows what He’s doing.

Next, I’m amazed at what happened to a drooping indoor plant that kept straining toward a window. It wasn’t thriving. It seemed deflated.

My husband put a full-spectrum plant light over the plant stand (which he made in the woodworking shop!), and within a few hours, the plant reaches joyfully upward. It knows what good light feels like. It know what it needs. I pray we all reach joyfully upward to God’s light today. When we find Jesus, it’s what real light feels like. It’s what we’ve always needed but didn’t know. Reach up! Bask in it. Inflate. Thrive.


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