The Right Focus in Creating

Today I remembered to focus on the art and not the sales. Someone gave me wise advice when I began my writing career to let success or money simply arrive as the “happy accident” that comes with creating your art. Of course, when you’re making a living off of your art and need the income, these words seem off the mark. But I still stand by the idea of keeping your art the focus. Otherwise, you start performing for the market. You lose your authenticity and creativity. My publisher even told me to think about “impact and not sales.” I like that. Focusing on money tends to pollute the creative process.

This resonated with something I read in a Weight Watchers message board about how successful members maintain their healthy lifestyle. The quote goes like this: “Focus on the weight, and you lose the plan. Focus on the plan, and you lose the weight.” In other words, when you’re so focused on results, you can’t think about the incremental daily plan that ultimately achieves your goal. But when you focus on something else–the plan for healthy living–the weight loss becomes a “happy accident.” I like that.

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