The Return of the After School Snack Platter

With one daughter still home and starting in-person school today, it’s that time of year to bring back the after school Snack Platter. It’s all part of the Warm Welcome that you’ve heard about for the last 10 years at Live with Flair. You welcome a family member home with a peaceful, joyful atmosphere. It could include music, a lit candle, a tidy environment, and–perhaps most importantly–the snack platter.

It’s a little rest stop before homework or activities. It’s a little moment to connect with a child as you munch on a special treat. Today’s platter? Blackberries and edamame with maybe some crackers and cheese. And I’ll add in some icy water since it’s a hot day!

The Warm Welcome with the Snack Platter is also about celebrating the day and connecting with some great questions like these: When did you feel best about yourself today? What funny thing happened? What was the hardest class? The easiest? But it’s also about silence, especially with teens. You can easily overwhelm people if you pepper them with questions when they walk through the door. So you can sit with the Snack Platter, munch on the delights, and see what happens.

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