The Preferred Future

Today I talked to a brilliant student about all he’s learning about making rational choices each day to optimize well-being and work towards his preferred future.

Preferred future!

I know we’re supposed to live in the present moment and all, but listening to the wisdom of always working towards a preferred future makes so much sense to me.

What do I want in 5 years? 10 years? How will I get there? How is what I’m doing right now helping me to get to that preferred future? 

I love these questions. They are the kind of perfect questions that a life coach might ask you. And we get them for free! Right here!

(I told my student that when I ate the Tillamook Mudslide ice cream last night even though I didn’t have any Weight Watchers points left, I wasn’t working toward my preferred future. What was I to do in that moment? He laughed. He told me it takes time, training, and commitment to stop and invest in one’s preferred future. He said I simply wasn’t being rational. Every choice either invests in the preferred future or not.)

Well, clearly I’m irrational most of the time.

Well, tonight I shall invest in my preferred healthy future. And I shall make choices to invest in my preferred career future as I think of a new class I might design.

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