The Perfect Easter Weekend

You must know that nothing changed about our Easter Weekend. The traditions were the same: the neighborhood Easter egg hunt and brunch on Saturday, the church service, the dying of eggs, the planting of seeds, the making of the smoked salmon platter, the enormous ham for the graduate students, the Easter baskets, the painting of fingernails in Easter colors, and the reading of the scriptures with the Resurrection Eggs.

But this time, I was happy. I was really, really happy.

We did it all, and it was the most perfect Easter because for the first time in all my life, I knew I was seated with Christ in the heavenly realms because of the resurrection and I was forever guarded in the fortress of His great care. Everything is perfect because He is perfect, and He ordains what our life looks like.

I used to live in jealousy, comparison, and longing for a different life. Nothing was ever enough; nothing felt perfect or right. But after writing Seated with Christ and now Guarded by Christ (coming soon!), I’m a totally different woman. The resurrection power is real. Jesus is real.

Nothing’s changed externally, but everything has changed internally. He is risen!

Several times this weekend, I said to my husband, “Can you believe how happy I am and all this joy? Do you remember all those Easters of depression and anxiety and pain and jealousy? Do you remember the Easter I threw a tantrum because we couldn’t afford new Easter dresses? Who cares now? It’s all perfect because Jesus is here! It’s wonderful because Jesus is here!”

Can you believe it? I believe it! He comes and makes everything new and everything perfect. Nothing changed and everything changed. I still can’t get over it.

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