The Night Time Journal

Last night I attended a webinar with Dr. Phil Gerhman, a sleep expert from University of Pennsylvania. As a lead researcher in the field, Dr. Gerhman taught me many things I did not know about how to have a good night’s sleep–all based in scientific research. One new thing I learned from the webinar was the importance of writing down what’s on our minds in a journal right before sleep. This helps soothe the mind and keeps us from racing thoughts. And sometimes when we go to bed, it’s the only chance for the brain to begin processing our worries, so it makes sense that we can’t get to sleep!

But writing down what’s on our mind for a few minutes helps. It has to do with the psychological process involved in actually writing something down. Apparently, it’s good for the brain! Yeah!

Last night, I tried it for the first time. I wrote down in my Night Time Journal whatever I was worried about or things I had to do this morning. I made it into a prayer, too, and invited God into the Night Time Journal.

I slept great! I woke up refreshed and happy. I’m excited to try my Night Time Journaling tonight.

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