The Morning Walk: Test It

Lately, my daughter and I have taken sunrise walks. After the time change, we found ourselves up and ready to enjoy the day in the darkness. Why not take a walk and witness that gorgeous early morning light? We’ve been walking with the sun rising alongside us for the past three days.

I find myself more joyful, more energetic, and more clear-thinking. I find myself sleeping better. As someone who loves to read the latest research available, I search for evidence that a morning walk offers more benefits than an evening walk. I read about how a morning walk decreases blood pressure, helps you sleep better by setting the right circadian rhythm, and regulates cortisol. But mostly, I discover that any form of walking with indisputably improve your health and mood.

If you haven’t enjoyed a sunrise walk, I recommend it. I’m only one piece of evidence, but I attest to the increase in positive mood and energy.

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