The Making of a Great Person

I’m at a very special birthday party last night where my dear friend (the one who says the sign of a happy childhood is dirty children, the one who taught me to tell my children how much I want to be with them, the one who sent me double-dutch jump ropes to advance the Neighborhood Fitness Group, and the one with five beautiful and creative children who inspire me).

This friend has invited women to journey to a restaurant to celebrate her 50th birthday, and her two oldest daughters also attend. Women come from all over the East Coast, and I’ve driven all the way from Central Pennsylvania.  I would have driven from California if I had to. 

We all begin to share how much we love this woman and how simply great she is. 

As my friend introduces each guest around the tables, she tells everyone why that woman matters so much to her.  She finally concludes by offering her motivation for this wonderful party:  “I wanted to show my oldest daughters what makes a person.  It’s our friendships.” 

She shares about the women who’ve journeyed with her through her life, and I find myself in tears at the beauty of it.  Here I sit with 20 women who all don’t know one another but who all know my friend.  At this party, we’re not talking about the birthday girl’s accomplishments, her advanced degrees from Harvard and Princeton, her publishing, her work with the school district, or her time in China.

We talk instead about friendship

Guests pass photo collections around highlighting us.  The conversation around the tables is about us

Even during her 50th birthday celebration–when she’s supposed to be the star of the show–she’s talking about others.

That’s living with flair. 

Don’t you feel so blessed your friends?  What a gift from the Lord to have friends!

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