The Kingdom Already

I read Colossians 1:13 where Paul writes, “He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved son.” I notice the past tense verbs that remind me so much of how Ephesians 2:6 astonishes me that we are already “seated” with Jesus in the heavenly realms right now. We are, right now, in the kingdom.

My friend who prays so powerfully recently told me that her prayer is for God’s kingdom to come down here in State College more and more. That we would see it, feel it, know it, experience this through Christians all around us. The kingdom, as Jesus exclaims, is already, in part, here (Luke 17:21). What a mystery, like being seated, that the kingdom of God is already in our midst. I find Pipher’s writing on the kingdom so inspiring in how he answers the question, “Is the Kingdom Present or Future?” He writes this:

And finally the encouragement: the kingdom really has arrived. Unprecedented fulfillments of God’s purposes are in the offing. The King has come. The King has dealt with sin once for all in the sacrifice of himself. The King sits at the Father’s right hand and reigns now until all his enemies are under his feet. The King’s righteousness is now already ours by faith. The King’s Spirit is now already dwelling in us. The King’s holiness is now already being produced in us. The King’s joy and peace have now already been given to us. The King’s victory over Satan is now already ours as we use the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. The King’s power to witness is now already available to us. And the King’s gifts—the gifts of his Spirit—are now already available for ministry.

John Piper, “Is the Kingdom Present or Future?”

I want us to live in light of the Kingdom and know our position and power. I want us to enter rooms and bring the power, values, and beauty of the Kingdom with us. I want our homes and neighborhoods and workplaces to taste and feel the Kingdom through us. The Kingdom has arrived.

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