The Kindness

This morning while reading Psalm 145, I took note of how the word “kind” repeats. We’re told how God is “kind in all his works” two times.

I like thinking of the kindness of God. It’s such a warm word. When I think of God as kind, I think of His generous, patient, attentive, interested, and loving nature. It feels grandfatherly and wonderful. A kind God looks down upon you with love and affection and even delight. He’s probably hiding a gift in his pocket for you. A kind God scatters goodness and joy. You go to Him, and He’s ready to make everything right for you.

God is kind.

As I move about my day, I want to reflect the kindness of God to others. May we have kind faces, loving words, generous actions, and choices that help make things right for others. 

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