The Joys of Seeds

It’s that time of year again! We started our seeds in the windowsill to plant at the end of May. It’s a little early, but we have some new plants we’re trying out (and we couldn’t wait!). Garlic. Onions. A fig tree. A peach tree. Baby watermelons. Baby pumpkins. 

We love watching things grow. I know it’s an odd trait that I delight in gathering fruit tree pits to try to grow them. After storing a peach pit in the refrigerator for several months, you have to crack a peach pit open to get the seed, and then you put it under a moist paper towel. In a few days, you’ll see it start to grow! My peach pit will hopefully turn into a beautiful peach tree alongside the plum trees. These things take lots of time—like 3-5 years—but gardening teaches me patience.

Are you as excited as I am to see if I’ll have plums this year? Well, if not, I have enough excitement for the both of us.

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