The Joy of Watermelon

I talk about watermelons like some people talk about fine wine. I joke with my husband that I need to keep a notebook of my watermelon experiences and suggested food pairings.

That’s how serious I am about my watermelon.

(I mostly refer to seedless watermelons, but watermelons come in four categories: icebox, picnic, seedless, yellow-fleshed).

Today, I try the Legacy, a complex watermelon that tastes sweet like cotton candy with a blackberry finish. It’s softer and more earthier than my favorite watermelon, the Sugar Baby, which is the fruitiest and sweetest kind of watermelon I’ve tasted. It’s flamboyant.

I love eating watermelon almost every day; we keep containers of fresh cut watermelon all summer long. It’s the season of watermelons–a wonderful pleasure of summer.

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