The Ice that Freezes You In Place

Today, we endured an actual ice storm! Nearly half an inch of ice currently covers our whole outside world. (I’m in the process of finally buying a new phone with a nice camera, so one day, you’ll see better pictures here. For now, you’ll have to use your imagination.) Imagine every object, tree, and sidewalk encased in ice. It’s beautiful and treacherous at the same time. We’re advised to avoid all travel and stay right where we are.

I’ve been thinking about times in life where we feel frozen in place by a variety of difficult things. It’s been a hard few years. I know so many people suffering loss at this very moment. Bad news can freeze you. Grieving can freeze you. Rejection can freeze you.

It’s good and bad to stay frozen. I see the sparkling ice and know that God brings a blessing through pain. But it’s mostly bad. We’re not meant to stay frozen and stagnant.

What I know about this treacherous ice is that it will melt. The warm sun will shine and melt what feels like a frozen and encased heart. It won’t always be this way or feel this way. God will make all things new.

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