The Clear Coat: Acorn Beauty

For the past decade, I’ve collected the fallen acorns every September to paint in cheerful colors as an autumn craft. We’d gather all the old nail polish bottles and enjoy painting the acorns. We’d always display our acorns in a glass bowl.

In fact, as I walk across campus this morning, I stoop low to scoop up acorns on the path from the large oak trees lining my walk. Another professor spies me holding my bag of acorns and says, delighted, “You’re painting acorns again!”

But this year, my daughter wanted to make an acorn garland with our leftover wreath wire. We could drape our acorn garland on the window sill. I love the idea! Besides, my daughters have grown out of the whimsical nail polish days. We’ve all become more mature and muted in our tones. I’d not find sparkles or Mermaid Shimmer in the nail polish collection. So we decided to paint a clear coat on the acorns. I cannot believe the exquisite detail of the acorns!

I absolutely love nature closely observed. And I think deeply about the “clear coat” of amplifying the truth of something’s beauty. When applied to the object, person, or situation, you suddenly see with clarity. You marvel. You see the intended design. Living with flair means we apply the clear coat.

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